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What is the Steps of Iphone Borescope?

Published by Susan 2023-09-15

       During the operation of Iphone Borescopes, certain procedures should be followed to avoid equipment damage or personal injury. Different brands and different products have their own different operating methods and usage regulations. So what is the specific operation process of conventional Iphone Borescope in general? The following is an example of the Ralcam most popular F405A Iphone Borescope:


Iphone Borescope

① Take out the product: Open the tool box and take out the Iphone Borescope. When taking out, please hold the probe well to avoid collision.

②Start-up preparation: Scan the code in advance, download the APP "Finder borescope" on the Iphone, fix the Iphone on the mobile phone bracket, connect the Iphone with the corresponding USB cable, press the power button, and select the corresponding function.

Iphone borescope


③Real-time observation: Extend the pipeline into the equipment or components, and control the movement direction of the front-end probe by operating the joystick.
④Adjust the brightness: adjust the brightness of the light source to obtain the appropriate illumination, so that the picture can achieve the clearest effect.
⑤Detection operation: Adjust the probe observation angle, movement mode and speed and other parameters as needed, observe the target in real time, or detect defects through comparative observation, etc., as well as take pictures and videos of the target, browse files, share and other operations.
⑥ Pipeline retraction: Turn the probe to a vertical position, and then take it out to prevent the coil pipe from being scratched by the cylinder wall.
⑦Storage equipment: turn off the power switch, remove the Iphone, take back the bracket of the Iphone Borescope, organize and store the product into the toolbox.